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MODERN MOROCCAN DESIGN - Page 2 - Floor/Table Lighting

These lanterns can be lit with candle power, but all are of a sufficient size to be successfully electrified.


Modern Moroccan brass lantern




Panels of antiqued brass are assembled
into a classic octagonal form which
echoes the shape of the lanterns in the famous Amanjena hotel in Marrakech.

The panels have been hand carved with a trellis pattern. One side of the lantern latches open to allow insertion of a candle, or replacement of the light bulb.

Size: 72 cms high by 27 cms wide

Price: $725 CDN






The same size and shape as
the Amanjena lantern,
but here, areas of the brass panels have
been hand drilled to give the appearance
of metal lacework.

This is a labour intensive process
which is fully rewarded by the resulting delicate effect.

Both the Amajena and Imane are large enough to be used as floor lanterns.

Size: 72 cms high by 27 cms wide

Price: $825 CDN

Modern Moroccan lantern


brass Moroccan lanterns


The three sizes of the Rectangular Trous lantern are shown left.

Equally effective when lit by a candle
or electrified, these lanterns are made of sheet brass, drilled by hand and finished with an "antiqued' appearance. One side of each lantern hinges open to enable access.

Small: 16x 13x 50 cms $295 CDN
Medium: 20 x 16x 70 cms $395 CDN
Large 24x 20x 85 cms $ $475 CDN





The rich gleam of antiqued brass sets off the warmth of the Royal Amber glass panes.

Centre panels of frosted glass soften the glow of the candle flame.

Size:56 cms high by 26 cms wide at cap

Price: $395 CDN



brass Moroccan table lamp


brass Moroccan candle lamp



The same clean, simple lines, but here showing a combination of Royal Ruby and frosted glass. These lamps are easy to electrify.

The metal casing is maintenance free
antiqued brass.

Size:56 cms high by 26 cms wide at cap

Price: $395 CDN


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