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MOROCCAN VINTAGE - Page 3 - Teapots and Sugar Bowls

We have a lot of vintage Moroccan teapots in different sizes, some purely decorative, others absolutely ready to make a good cup of tea.

Pictured below are just a few examples of our range, we will be happy to send photos and specs of other teapots on request.


Moroccan vintage teapot



This is a dainty, medium sized teapot, best used as decoration.

The sides show an elegantly flowing design with a suggestion of Art Nouveau.

The handle and four feet are of brass
in contrast to the silver metal of the body.

Size : 18 x 22 cms

Price: $ 95 CDN




An unusually shaped little item, it almost looks like a compressed version of the classic Moroccan teapot

The body and spout are smooth silver, but the lid, brass feet and handle are absolutely classic.

Size : 12 x 20 cms

Price: $ 75 CDN


Moroccan vintage teapot



Four straight feet hold up a feather patterned , medium sized teapot. The feet and pinnacle are of brass.

Size: 18 x 22 cms

Price: $ 95 CDN




A curved, repeating motif decorates the body of this medium sized pot.

The brass handle and four brass feet complete the classic perfection.

Size: 18 x 22 cms

Price: $ 95 CDN





As old as the vintage teapots and trays, these small, oval metal bowls were originally used to bring sugar to the table. Cones of sugar were used, rather than crystals or cubes.

Each bowl has four feet and a hinged lid, but the decorations vary widely: brass "crowns", pendant handles, stars, swirls, wreaths or columns of flowers.

We have a selection of these little bowls, details to follow


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