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Selection of Golden Horn Turkish lamps


All the Golden Horn lamps are the same shape, but they may be decorated with stars, ovals or a mixture of moons and stars as in the Turkish flag.

This photo gives an idea of the some of the many variations of patterns and colours available.

Photo at the Distillery, Toronto, credit: www.maciekdrozdzik.com

Size: 25 cms high, 15 cms wide
Price: $ 95 CDN




This lovely lamp has a built in platform for a small pillar candle or large tealight.

Red glass is shown on the left, but a choice of colours is available. The glass sphere sits in a carved cup of brass which is patterned with moons and stars.

Size: 17 cms high, 15 cms wide
Lantern Price: $ 125 CDN

hanging Turkish lamp


Turkish lamp


A simple open goblet shape, decorated with a trellis of diamond shaped cutouts and a sprinkling of stars.

This is a relatively small lantern and is best lit with a candle or tealight. Available in a selection of glass colours.

Size: 20 cms high, 14 cms wide
Lantern Price: $ 85 CDN



This pretty little lamp has a distinctive shape and a lacy filigreed crown. A dainty crystal rose is suspended from the tip.

Glass colours include amber, red, blue, green and lilac. Two sizes are available.

Size: 26 cms high, 12 cms wide
Lantern Price: $ 125 CDN

Size:20 cms high, 11 cms wide
Lantern Price: $ 95 CDN


turkish lamp



Swirls of deeply pigmented glass ripple through the small globe of the Deniz lamp.

This little lamp creates wonderful ripples of light if hung near a sunlit window.

A choice of glass colours is available.

Size: 22 cms high, 12 cms wide
Price: $75 CDN

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