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Each of these mosaic tables is made of hand blocked ceramic tiles which have been fired in small batches. Variations in the clay mixture of each batch means that the colour of the natural tiles ranges from pale beige to dark sand. As a result, every table top has its own distinctive character.

The table top is not attached to the base, but simply rests in place thanks to its considerable weight. The solid iron base is elegantly European styled and, on the larger sizes of tables, incorporates a comfortable foot rest.

120 CMS MOSAIC TABLE - Blue Kora Pattern

Large table in blue and natural tiles in the Kora pattern is shown above. This table will comfortably seat six, or eight at a squeeze.

Size: 120 cms diameter, 72 cms high.

Price: $825 CDN



120 CMS MOSAIC TABLE - Green Kora Pattern

This photo clearly shows the variation in the natural coloured tiles, here in combination with green.

This size of table is also available in the Red and Natural Kora pattern (see end of page for an example).

Size: 120 cms diameter, 72 cms high.

Price: $825 CDN



100 CMS MOSAIC TABLE - White Kora Pattern

The 100 cms diameter table will seat six and is available in the following colours:

White and Natural Kora pattern
Black and Natural Kora pattern

Size: 100 cms diameter, 72 cms high.

Price: $645 CDN



Available in the following colours:

Blue and Natural Kora pattern
Red and Natural Kora Pattern
Green and Natural Kora pattern

White and Natural Fouzi pattern
Black and Natural Fouzi (see below)
Blue and Natural Fouzi pattern

Size: 80 cms diameter, 72 cms high
Price: $495 CDN



Mosaic tables in the smaller sizes provide a perfect, sturdy surface alongside a comfortable garden chair.

The photo shows (clockwise) Green and Natural Fouzi, Green and Natural Kora, White and Natural Kora, and Red and Natural Kora.

Please ask about other colours and patterns which may be available.

60 cms diameter (60 cms high): $345 CDN

50 cms diameter (55 cms high): $275 CDN

40 cms diameter(42 cms high): $175 CDN

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